Major Goals by 2018

We’re building a measurably better school before the end of this decade!

1. Not fewer than 18,000 people will be regularly praying for the strength and success of our school.

2. Cathedral’s program will feature not fewer than eighteen substantive innovations using school year 2011 as the base line.

3. We will enroll and sustain not fewer than 818 students.

4. We will support our students and their families with not less than $1.8 million in annual scholarship resources.

5. Our enrollment area will expand by 18 miles to regularly include families and communities within a 28 mile radius.

6. Not less than 18% of our alumni will be engaged in communication, participation and investment in support of their alma mater.

7. We will generate not less than $818,000 annually in unrestricted donations.

8. New capital held as cash or converted to facilities will be not less than $18 million.

9. At least one new facility addition or major renovation will add dramatic function and form to programs determined most in need.  Link to Facilities Assumptions 2/13 

10. We will establish and sustain a minimum 90-day unrestricted net operating cash position.

11. A written and tested succession plan for key leadership positions, governance, and faculty will exist and be applied.

Cathedral High School
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