Middle School Program

The Cathedral Middle School program is located on the the St. Cloud Cathedral campus. We have just over 200 hundred students in grades 7-8. Through our small class sizes, our teachers and administrators strive to provide high quality instruction and assessment through a rigorous curriculum allowing leadership and organization to flow around culture, faith, and community.

As middle school educators, we recognize the nature of young adolescents and their unique way of learning.  Middle Level students have different and varied learning needs. The following characteristics are from the Association of Middle Level Education (AMLE). Cathedral has integrated these characteristics in the middle school program.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

  1. Educators value young adolescents and are specifically licensed to teach them

  2. Students and teachers are engaged in active, purposeful learning

  3. Our curriculum in challenging, exploratory, integrative and relevant

  4. Small class sizes allow educators to use multiple learning and teaching approaches

  5. Varied and ongoing assessments advance learning as well as measure it

Leadership and Organization

  1. A shared vision developed by the Cathedral community guides every decision

  2. Leaders are committed to and knowledgeable about this age group, educational research and best practices

  3. Our middle school leadership team demonstrate courage and collaboration

  4. Our teachers regularly participate in professional development to continue educational practices

  5. Cathedral’s small class sizes foster purposeful learning and meaningful relationships

Culture and Community

  1. Our faith-filled school environment is inviting, safe, inclusive and supportive of all

  2. Every student’s academic and personal development is guided by an adult advocate utilizing Skills for Adolescence course, Crusader Class, and Cathedral counselors

  3. Comprehensive guidance and support services meet the needs of young adolescents personally, socially, and academically

  4. Health and wellness are supported in curricula, school-wide programs, professional speakers, and small group activities.

  5. Cathedral actively involves families in the education of their children

  6. Cathedral collaborates with community and business partners to enhance our curriculum and provide service-learning opportunities.

Crusader Class

The Crusader Class is a unique class for 7th and 8th grade students. During this class, the students will have the opportunity to choose and explore mini-classes that include World Languages, Campus Ministry and Service, Student Government and Leadership, and other kinesthetic learning activities. Examples of past mini-class sessions include Forensic Science, Tying Knots and other skills, Biking and Bike Maintenance, and Strength and Conditioning. In addition to these monthly mini-classes, the students will have social and emotional learning activities, study halls, assemblies, and special activities.  

The Crusader Class allows us to better meet the developmental needs of this age group. Research shows that 7th and 8th grade students benefit from exploratory learning opportunities, connections with a caring adult, and leadership and service opportunities.

Principles guiding the Crusader Class...

  • the presentation of affective curriculum (AMLE)

  • 1:1 student to adult relationship building (AMLE)

  • scheduled, fun, team-building activities

  • Disentanglement of study hall from affective curriculum

  • student government and campus ministry, two leadership activities

  • exploratory learning opportunities (AMLE)

  • Middle School special activities (speakers, MS Mass, etc.)

  • Service opportunities

  • Increased parent involvement (perhaps parents can volunteer to teach some exploratory classes); (AMLE)

Mini-Class (During Crusader Class)

The Mini-Class is a collection of high-interest short-term mini-classes combined with opportunities for meaningful local service and guest speakers.  Each semester students will select 4-5 mini courses and participate in two service opportunities.  In addition, leadership opportunities like student government, middle school campus ministry and more will be offered during the Crusader Class.

In the second semester for 7th graders, one day a week will include organization and study skills and follow-up on the Skills for Adolescents program offered in 7th grade Health.  For 8th grade, one day a week will be dedicated to our Top 20 curriculum activities and organization and study skills.  Academic remediation will also occur during Crusader Class time. Other team-building activities will occur during the Crusader Class along with opportunities to recognize and celebrate student excellence.  In addition, the Language Rotation will occur during Crusader Class for 7th grade only. This will be a rotation between an introductory German, Chinese and American Sign Language. All students who are not in a foreign language will rotate between the three. A list will be provided and this class will be one of the mini-classes.

Mini-courses Topics

Cribbage - Ms. Welle

Learn how to play the challenging card game of Cribbage. Students will learn the rules, the fundamentals of playing the game, the vocabulary and the strategies needed to move around the board and score 121 points to win the game. This is a class for both the experienced and inexperienced.

Table Top Games - Ms. Scheierl

Assorted tabletop games- learn how to play fun games that you can bring home to enjoy with family and friends.  Games may include cribbage, backgammon, and assorted card games.

Student Council - Mr. Hoffman

Take the lead on important Cathedral Middle School activities!  Share your ideas and make things happen!  The Student Council is open to all students in good academic standing in grades 7 and 8.  Want a say in what’s going on at your school?  Join the Student Council and develop your leadership skills! 

Fishing! - Fr. Doug

The fishing mini-class would be located in the classroom to start, learning about the regulations, invasive species, fish identification, tying knots, and fishing equipment and strategies in general. The last few days would be spent on the banks of the mighty Mississippi trying to pull in one of the many species the Mississippi offers in central MN!! You need a fishing rod to be in this class. 

Memory Book - Mr. Wollersheim

Be involved with the middle school yearbook! Take responsibility for creating and developing the yearbook that will be distributed at the end of the year. OPTIONS FOR THIS CLASS ARE AS FOLLOWS: YOU CAN STAY IN MEMORY BOOK FOR ALL OF 1ST SEMESTER OR PICK A DIFFERENT MINI-CLASS EACH MONTH.

Spanish Art - Mr. Keller

Learn about Spanish art and make Spanish art. This class will be combined with Ms. Miley and her Spanish Exploratory class. If you are assigned Spanish, please sign up for Spanish.

Genealogy and Family History - Ms. Frank

Family history: an introduction to genealogy (your family tree) and how to record and keep a family history.

Campus Ministry - Ms. Flynn

This class will provide experiences in learning and living your faith. It will be an exploration of discipleship in your everyday life.  Be prepared to take action and lead through service, plan masses! We will be especially looking at the virtue of Sacrificing and how it can be fun!