Cathedral High School is a Catholic learning and faith community that challenges students to strive for academic excellence, to live virtuous lives, and to become responsible leaders in society.


The mission of Catholic Community Schools is to strengthen the Catholic Church and society by educating her people at an unparalleled level of excellence while teaching, sharing, and living the gospel message of Jesus Christ.


The Holy Guardian Angels Cathedral School was founded in 1884 as a natural extension of the then-Cathedral of the Diocese of St. Cloud. Over the years the school enrolled children of all ages who were from what would later become the greater metropolitan area of Central Minnesota. Throughout the school’s first seventy-five years, Cathedral conducted educational programs for primary, elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school students – college bound and vocational. In 1937 the Cathedral of the Diocese was moved from Holy Guardian Angels to across downtown to The Church of The Immaculate Conception, aka St. Mary’s, but The Cathedral School kept its name. In the early 1960s the primary, elementary, intermediate, and middle school-age students were assigned to neighboring Catholic schools as Cathedral’s grades #9 - #12 exploded to nearly 1,500 students as a result of the post-World War II baby boom and the popularity of Catholic education. The grades #9 - #12-only approach lasted for less than a decade when in 1971 grades #7 and #8 were added back into the program. Since 1971 Cathedral has featured that same six-grade configuration.

In 2011 a merger agreement was reached with Sts. Peter, Paul and Michael School to have its grade #7 and #8 students enrolled at Cathedral following grade #6. This was the last remaining Catholic School in the area with a program that extended beyond grade #6.

In 1978 a group of forward-thinking leaders, led by local attorney, Gerald Thoreen, with the support of Bishop George Speltz and a number of pastors, established The Cathedral High School Education Foundation as a Trust with just one mission: Support Cathedral High School.

Since the first $10 gift in 1978 the fund has grown while also providing millions of dollars of cumulative support to the school’s students. A Board of Trustees, appointed by Cathedral’s Board of Directors, is responsible for the fiduciary stewardship and management of the assets of the Foundation.

The Cathedral President, appointed and employed by Cathedral’s Board of Directors, is the staff person assigned to work with the Board of Trustees in the fulfillment of its duties.


With profound humility and gratitude – supported by hard data – and as proclaimed by external constituencies:

Cathedral’s effectiveness is unmatched in its education, preparation, and formation of young men and women for adulthood – and in its delivery of religious, social, intellectual, financial, leadership, service, and cultural capital to Central Minnesota and the world.


We believe the purpose of life is to know and to love and to serve God – with all our hearts and with all our minds and with all our souls – and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We believe each human being is created by God and is of infinite worth and thus deserving of a commensurate amount of dignity and respect. We believe in the unrelenting pursuit of excellence as a responsibility and an expression of gratitude to the God who made us.

We believe education must embrace and address the spiritual, the affective, the physical, and the cognitive domains, not as separate, independent parts but as infinitely interconnected dimensions within each person.

We believe each person possesses different gifts and deserves to learn in ways that recognize and celebrate those gifts.

We believe education occurs best within an environment of trust, respect, dignity, and an unending thirst for – and a response to – the Gospel message.


Cathedral values are set by our Catholic faith.  The Gospel message and Catholic tradition determine what is of primary importance for the Cathedral community.