My Multiple Service Experiences - Maddy Doble

When I first heard about trying to complete 70 hours I thought wow that is a lot, after I accomplished the hours, I realized how little this actually is. I did multiple different projects to achieve the goal of 70 hours. I volunteered my time at the St. Benedictine home on the east side of St. Cloud. This was very interesting because I adore older people. I spend a lot of time at my grandparents houses which to me is quality time. I would bring the patients around the facility, paint nails, play bingo, and simply have conversations. I also spent a lot of Sunday mornings at my church and helped with the pancake breakfasts. My mom, dad, and I would all volunteer together and serve everybody else. These breakfasts were super fun. I got to meet a bunch of new people and saw a lot of friends/family. 

I learned a lot about myself from these experiences. It was a moral check for me. I learned what is really important in life. Like family, friends, memories, and not things. It was nice to make people’s days better. Helping elders and seeing how they lit up when I would help them, put a huge smile on my face. It honestly felt so good to do something for other people. As well as the pancake breakfasts, I was probably the youngest person there helping, which put a smile on peoples faces and I continuously got told thank you.

I have made a change in my life, I have set time aside to do things for others which always feels good. Making a positive impact on people's lives makes a person feel good. After you got the hang of things in both instances, it didn’t even feel like service work, it was more getting to know people and having conversations with them. It helped me to realize what it means to give to others and the joy it brings to people. It really made me think of who I want to be remembered as, what I want people to think of me, and the person I want to become. 

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