Parish Festival - Emily Walsh

Out of all the service projects I have ever done my favorite is when I help with my Parish Festival every year. We would go to the park early in the morning, help set up some of the stands,  then go to church. We would always help with the pie and hot dog stand which is a busy stand to work at. Each person is given a certain amount of hours at the stand then you would change with different people. It was a time of fun and games with the community and is always a huge hit. I plan to do this service for many years to come because I love helping out with it.

The first thing I would do when I got to my stand is help set up and figure out the jobs we needed to do. One year, in the morning, I helped out with the cakewalk first. The cakewalk is when you give paddles to people with numbers on them. Then you spin a spinner and whatever number it lands on is the winner. This stand is also a huge hit because people bring homemade pies and treats. After my shift, I went over to help my mom with the pie stand. It is always busy because we would sell pie, hot dogs, and coffee. We would be given a job, whether it be handling the money or serving the people. By the end of the day we would help clean up a little and maybe quickly get some food to eat. It was an overall great experience.

There were many things I learned from doing this service project. First, is if you put time and effort into everything you do, good things come out to it. The amount of work needed to put this together was tremendous. People spent so much time in order for others to have a great time and to come back again next year. Secondly, I learned that sometimes when things in your life gets hectic, to not freak out and just find a path you could take instead. Whenever the stand would become very busy and crowded it was cause almost a panic. But the thing is, the time would pass and everything will be okay again. Over all this service project has brought to light a lot of knowledge to help me succeed in my life. I hope that continuing in it will help me more in the future.

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