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The Campaign for Cathedral

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Goal: $18 Million, $16.5M Building, $1.5M CCS


Meet the Team!

Director of the Campaign for Cathedral
 Marit (Hartjes) Ortega '97

Director of Advancement
 Chris Schellinger

Images of Cathedral's New School Building - Provided by ATS&R

The Architect and Engineering Team from ATS&R have provided us with images of what our new school building will look like, and their photograph-like quality make it seem like it's already here!  It no longer takes a stretch of the imagination to picture students in this space, and we are excited to see this dream become a reality.  It has been over 50 years since the North gym was built - the newest structure on Cathedral High School's campus, and over 60 years since the last school building was added.  It is time to create a more up-to-date space that embraces 21st Century Learning.

Construction Site Photo Album