President's Page - February 2016



 The President’s Page - February 10, 2016

“…focused on the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.”

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In another two days it will be Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  Can you imagine the patience and persistence this introverted brooder pursued and practiced day after day being faithful to what he considered to be an oath registered in heaven?  How in the world was this guy wired?!  When it comes to Lincoln we could study a lifetime and never scratch the surface.


Forty or more years ago I recall a mentor advising, “Never make a major decision in February!”  Probably good advice, but remember, the Dairy Queen opens the last Friday in February – and though it may not be a major decision, it’s always good to go there on opening day.  Hot fudge sundae with lots of salted pecans.


Light has been returning to the Northern Hemisphere at the rate of 3 or 4 minutes each day; it is a welcome respite from the 90 darkest days of winter which are now behind us.


Catholic Education Week was filled with special events and an uplifting, celebratory liturgy attended by 2,000 or more students and presided at by Bishop Donald; the spaghetti and butter-soaked toast weren’t half bad, either.


Matt Meyer informs me we have perhaps as many as a dozen more registrations for next school year compared to one year ago.  Hooray; let’s keep that trend going through August!


About a month ago we received a wonderful estate gift from Harvey Bock ’53.  Harvey had carefully planned for this generosity to occur at the time of his death; he loved Cathedral and he never forgot his roots even though his home had become Southern California.  Each of us should learn from Harvey.  If we did our day-to-day financial challenges would be made a bit easier.  Cathedral has been blessed with 131 ½ years of continuous operation and Harvey just made sure we would get another few days.  Thank you, Harvey!  Oh, his check was in the amount of $448,540.


There is debate and consternation when it comes to announcing gifts like Harvey’s.  There is always the possibility some will think, “Oh, I guess they don’t need my gift.”  Those people would be wrong, very wrong.  It takes all of us working together each and every day to keep Cathedral strong and getting stronger.  Harvey did his part and so must we all.  Truth is, we could receive one hundred gifts just like Harvey’s and we would still have a long list of improvements we need to make to our school.


If Cathedral isn’t in your will or in your estate plan, will you please take steps to include it?  We absolutely, positively need and want you.  And, we need and want your support while you’re still alive, too.  Thank you!


A few days ago Cathedral’s Board of Directors engaged in some strategic thinking.  What must Cathedral do in the years ahead to strengthen and sustain its enrollment?  The Board enjoyed a fabulous speaker, Jon McGee (Breakpoint…, Johns Hopkins, 2015 – excellent read!) and then listened to and learned from an unscripted focus group of 20 young Moms and Dads who are parents of children in the area Catholic elementary schools; fabulous!


Curious as to what we learned?  Click me back and I’ll tell you more.


We are only 100 days from graduation for the Class of 2016.  Scott Warzecha ’79 is the Distinguished Alumnus Speaker; you’ll want to come early to get a seat.


Congratulations to our Girls’ Dance Team which is headed to the State Tournament for the 22nd year in a row!  Our skiing team is also headed north (brrrr!) to its own State Tournament.


As I write we are having blizzard-like winds, but not the snow to go with them.  West and southwest of here they also have the snow, but only an inch or two on the ground in St. Cloud; looks like below-zero overnight temperatures the rest of this week.  Chop more wood; as the old saying goes, it warms you twice – or thrice if you also haul it in.


Bountiful blessings! 

Michael A. Mullin

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