Rain, rain, go away....

Construction is moving forward at Cathedral, but the rain is putting a damper on our timeline. In the month of September, the site saw a total of 11.8 inches of rain, and an additional four inches of rain in the first 10 days of October.

The soil removal is nearly 100% complete.  Items such as building foundation/concrete, wood pilings, glassware, and bricks have been found in the soil.  To date, 132 truckloads of unsuitable soils have been hauled off site, weighing an average of 20 tons per truck.  If you do the math, this has resulted in roughly 2640 tons of soil hauled away!!!

As the soil work is coming to a conclusion, the crews are beginning to dig in the piles that will help secure the building.  The driven piles that are being pounded into the ground with the crane and diesel hammer are 40-foot sections.  When the first 40’ section is driven in, the contractor welds a second 40’ section to the first.  The 80’ pile is driven in to the ground an average of 70-80’.  Once the piles hit specified resistance criteria, they are cut 6” up into the footing.  Concrete foundation is then poured into each of the piles, and these units serve to support the weight of the building.  The contractor has to drive 182 of these piles into the ground.  About 60 are complete so far.

Helical piles are another type of piles that will be used on our addition.  These piles are used in close proximity to existing buildings where vibrations can be an issue.  Helical piles are augured into the ground with an excavator.  There are 87 helical piles to be placed on our project.  That work is beginning and should be completed soon.

There is so much to learn and see!  This is an exciting time.

Paula Foley, Principal

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Cathedral 312 7th Ave N St. Cloud, MN 56303