Region 5A Arts Festival

All 12 Cathedral competing Art students received an 'Excellent' or better rating at the Region 5A Visual Arts Festival in New London-Spicer on May 3rd.

Superior ratings went to: Cecilia Maus-Conn in Drawing; Jeremiah Thyen, Izzie Yaggie Heinen, Kelli Spaniol, and two for Ramona Kuhn in Painting;  Tricia Castro, Anna Penticuff and two for Tom Hawkins in Sculpture; Alisha Gill and Anna Penticuff in Crafts; and Alisha Gill and Ramona Kuhn in Ceramics. 

Receiving Perfect scores were: Ramona Kuhn (twice), Tom Hawkins, Izzie Yaggie Heinen, and Kelli Spaniol, Ramona Kuhn also received the coveted Spotlight award in the largest category in the show...Painting.  Congratulations to all!