Say goodbye to the North parking lot!

Construction has begun at Cathedral!  Here's an update on what is happening this week:

The majority of the asphalt is gone and the crew is ready to do the deeper digging.

The construction driveways are in so the heavy equipment can access the site.  The emergency egresses are ready.  Special egresses had to be created for the safety of all in the center building.

On Tuesday, the deep foundation digging will begin.  The construction team is estimating this digging will take approximately four days.  Immediately following that, the “noisy” digging will occur.  It is estimated that the this digging/”footing” work will take approximately 25 days to complete.  We will plan accordingly in our classrooms.

Parking is identified for all staff and seniors.  We are in the process of securing additional spaces and will then open spots for juniors. 

Traffic flow appeared to go well at drop off and pick up times this week.  Student bussing begins on Tuesday, so we may see some challenges.  We appreciate the patience and support of all who are involved.  Student safety has to be our focus!

The “pit” (grassy area North of the North Gym) can be used this fall.  There will be a retention pond in the area, beginning in spring.  Masonry supplies will be stored there, so some of the pit area will be fenced off. 

We thank everyone for respecting the need for safety on the construction site. 

We thank our partners from McGough Construction and ATS&R Architects for their leadership.  They will introduce themselves to our CHS community after Mass this upcoming Thursday.  They will explain their roles in the project and update the community weekly. 

Students, staff and all are encouraged to email any questions to be addressed or practices people want to learn more about to  The construction leadership team will review the emails and address/explain what is happening in a construction eBlast or after Mass each week.  We are grateful that they are willing to use this experience as a teachable moment for all!

We are blessed to have this wonderful opportunity at Cathedral.  Thanks to all who are making this dream a reality!!

Have a great week!

~ Paula

Paula Foley, Principal

(320) 980-7180 cell

Cathedral 312 7th Ave N St. Cloud, MN 56303