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Service Learning is a ½ credit course engaging students in hands on projects to meet learning objectives and strengthen the local/global community.

The course is introduced in the spring of the sophomore year with a service fair and time in the students’ Theology class.  It concludes after the all senior semester.  Students may select from several sites and activities to perform their hours of service.  A completion of a minimum of 70 hours of service must be completed and documented.  This may be given digitally or by hard copy to the service coordinator by the end of the first semester of the senior year.

As per school board policy, all students complete service prior to graduation from Cathedral High School, earning either an “S” (satisfactory) or a  “U” (unsatisfactory) on their transcript.

It is hoped that every student will come to understand service as a way of life in the Christian tradition and a deepening of friendship with God through service of those in need.

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Service Documentation and Evaluation Form

Students in Service Blog

  • My Multiple Service Experiences - Maddy Doble

    When I first heard about trying to complete 70 hours I thought wow that is a lot, after I accomplished the hours, I realized how little this actually is. I did multiple different projects to achieve the goal of 70 hours. I volunteered my time at the St. Benedictine home on the east side of St. Cloud. This was very interesting because I adore older people. I spend a lot of time at my grandparents houses which to me is quality time. I would bring the patients around the facility, paint nails, play bingo, and simply have conversations. I also spent a lot of Sunday mornings at my church and helped with the pancake breakfasts. My mom, dad, and I would all volunteer together and serve everybody else. These breakfasts were super fun. I got to meet a bunch of new people and saw a lot of friends/family. 

    I learned a lot about myself from these experiences. It was a moral check for me. I learned what is really important in life. Like family, friends, memories, and not things. It was nice to make people’s days better. Helping elders and seeing how they lit up when I would help them, put a huge smile on my face. It honestly felt so good to do something for other people. As well as the pancake breakfasts, I was probably the youngest person there helping, which put a smile on peoples faces and I continuously got told thank you.

    I have made a change in my life, I have set time aside to do things for others which always feels good. Making a positive impact on people's lives makes a person feel good. After you got the hang of things in both instances, it didn’t even feel like service work, it was more getting to know people and having conversations with them. It helped me to realize what it means to give to others and the joy it brings to people. It really made me think of who I want to be remembered as, what I want people to think of me, and the person I want to become. 

  • Called to Serve - Mitchell Silkman

    Serving others has been a big part of my life! I started serving  for mass back when I was in second grade. When I first started I did it because my brother and sister did it, and my mom wanted me to learn to serve others. I’ve been serving for 11 years, and I’ve learned a lot in that time. The elderly parishioners really appreciate having a familiar face up at the altar, because we’ve gone through 9 priest in the span of 11 years. They also enjoy having me up there because I smile at them when I walk by carrying the cross before and after mass. I take the time to greet them and ask how they are doing after mass, and they appreciate that.  I serve every Sunday at the 7:30 AM mass, which is almost entirely older parishioners.  Some have shared that it has helped that I have been a constant in mass, when we have gone through so many priests.  I have learned a lot about how to make others feel good, and I will use that experience in my future. This has developed a soft spot in my heart for older people.

    I participated in A Call to Service for a week in Minneapolis.  There I worked at five different places, interacting with and helping serve homeless people.  At Mary’s Place I served food to the homeless families that came in, and I helped supervise their children in the playroom.  At a drop-in recovery center I talked with homeless people and got to know them one-on-one, and attended group discussions with them.  We took them to a nearby garden where some of the people were employed.  I learned so much from talking and working with these people.  One man talked to me about working with Martin Luther King years ago, and that was fascinating.  My biggest takeaway from this is that homeless people are just like anyone else, and I admired how strong they were in terms of not letting life’s circumstances get them down.  Working at food shelves and soup kitchens will be important to me in the future because I know how urgent the need is to have volunteers to feed the homeless.  I will never forget how much I learned from this group of people. The stories of how they ended up homeless will stay with me forever.

    I attended a TEC (Together Encountering Christ) weekend in January of 2018.  I then decided to return as a volunteer “wheatie” in February to spend my weekend working to provide others with the incredible TEC experience that I had.  I spent four days working behind the scenes doing everything from preparing food to cleaning bathrooms to participating in 100 Hours of Prayer.  I love going to retreats, and this is the first time I volunteered myself to make the experience for others. The great emotion that goes into a TEC weekend is profound, and it truly makes others recognize Christ in their lives and it enables them to bring Christ unto others.  I will definitely continue to volunteer in this capacity in the future to bring the TEC experience to as many people as possible.

  • Special Friends - Noelle Young

    For my service hours, I decided to take a part in Special Friends. Special Friends is an organization at the children’s home on every Wednesday. You go there and a child that is currently in the home gets picked by the supervisors to spend every Wednesday night with you. You sit down with them and talk about their week and their day. Sometimes they will say fine or good. Other times they say nothing. You are there as a friend, someone who they want to talk too. They look forward to seeing you every Wednesday and you look forward to seeing them. You get to do activities with them and just get to know them. 

    Special Friends gave me a lot of life lessons that I will keep with me forever. It taught me how to respect people and not judge before knowing people's stories. Everyone has problems in their life and some people have harder struggles than others. Before you judge someone about where they are in their life, let them tell you their story. Also, respect everyone even if they don’t respect you. Sometimes when you try to talk to your special friend they are shy and they don’t want to talk back. In this situation, you just need to realize that maybe they are having a bad day and they just need some alone time. You can keep trying to talk to them or you could just sit with them to have them know that someone is there for them and ready to listen if they need to talk. 

    It will help me in the future to look at life differently. To see people with different eyes and an open mind. It will help me by just knowing how to show people you are there even if you aren’t talking. Your special friend might not even like you but you just keep trying. You don’t give up on them. You keep trying to talk to them and trying to get them involved. 

  • My Service Experience - David Spethmann

    For most of my service hours, I helped coach for St.Cloud Youth Hockey. Coaching for me wasn’t to try and get the kids to be super good at hockey. It was most of them's 4th year playing so you can’t expect too much. I was more there to be a role model and keep the kids in line. I would go to the rink a few times each week to practice with the same team. It was fun getting to know the kids and helping them grow. 

    This seemed to help we more than it helped the younger kids. I learned far more than I thought I would going into this. Watching the kids finally understand how to do something and then get a big smile on their face was very cool. It gave me the chance to look back on when I was this young and didn’t have a worry in the world. Though those kids know how to push the right buttons to get under your skin, it helped me learn patience. I got a lot out of this that I will remember and use for the rest of my life.

    Looking into the future I will use a lot of the things I learned. It taught me how to deal with kids who are a little too confident, and how to get other kids confidence up. It will help when I have my own kids to know what to do in certain situations and how to make them understand things. This program has helped me in more ways than I even realize right now. I am going to continue to help these kids grow and become better hockey players and kids. 

  • Peer Tutoring - Lexi Weisser

    For my service project, I chose to be a peer tutor for younger students. Through the peer tutoring program at CHS, older students are able to give guidance to younger students in difficult subjects, like math, during free time. I spent my study hall tutoring students that were struggling in math and sometimes other subjects as well. During this time, I would look over their assignments and then asked them what questions they had. We would go over materials that were the most challenging/confusing. Through this experience, I learned a lot.

    This experience taught me a lot of new skills. First of all, I found out how much fun it is to help others. I also learned more about patience. Understanding that it takes more time for some people to learn then others is sometimes tough to grasp. Finally, knowing that if you put time into something the result is so worth it. Watching a light bulb go off in someone’s brain when a difficult concept finally clicks, is a wonderful thing.

    This service experience will influence my future in many positive ways. Through this I learned that perseverance in learning is a very important quality. If you put a copious amount of time into studying and understanding a difficult topic, eventually your hard work will pay off. This will be an important thing to remember all throughout life, especially in college and in my future career. Finally, I understand that you need to be patient and know that not everything comes easily, it takes time. These things will be important to remember throughout the rest of my life.

  • Michael Schoenecker - School for the Deaf and Blind

    The most memorable service project I have ever completed came in Lebanon when my family and I were visiting relatives. I was given the opportunity to go with my cousin. The task we had was to assist some elementary school students on a pair of end of the year field trips. The children however, all shared the unfortunate affliction of being hearing challenged. Some in fact could not hear anything at all. They all welcomed us warmly and were determined not to let their conditions deter them. The first day we took the children on a hiking trip in the wilderness. The road was challenging especially for the kids, many of whom had balance issues as well. I had to make sure no one tripped, hurt themselves or got separated from the group. The second day we took the children to the home of a musician who taught them how to use traditional African drums. It was important to keep an eye on them as we walked through the city so that nobody got distracted or lost. Thankfully all went well, and the kids had a lot of fun on their field trips.

    This experience allowed me to become a better person in many ways. The first and perhaps most important is that it taught me patience. When dealing with young children patience is absolutely essential, when those kids have trouble speaking and hearing it becomes even more important. I had to exercise patience in order to communicate and to understand the children's needs. It also taught me leadership by putting me in a position of accountability. I felt responsible for all of the children and they came to me and the other helpers whenever they had questions or needed something. This experience also humbled me by showing me how lucky I am to be able to simply hear and speak normally. 

    Taking part in the field trips will help me in the future by giving me experience. Whenever I need to be a leader I will not hesitate because of my past success in leading that group. My communication skills will be improved because of the struggles I went through. I will always strive to be as clear and direct as possible, knowing full well that there are those who may be listening but not understand. I will continue to grow in my love and patience for others. On the trips I felt a deep caring for all of the children and I would like to feel that way towards everyone. My patience grows every day, when I am tested I will be quick to forgive and forget. Going on the trips will help me to never take anything for granted, especially health because it can all be taken away in a heartbeat. I want to live my life to the fullest for Jesus every day and having this experience has really taught me how.  

  • St. Benedict’s Senior Community Center - Maddy Meyer

    One of the classes I am taking is a Health Careers Internship Program. I think it will be cool to see what it is like to work in the health field because I want to be a dentist. One of the requirements for the class is to volunteer ten hours at St. Benedict’s Senior Community Center. The goal is to see what it is like to work with elders because many of the medical professions do.

    When I volunteered at St. Benedict’s, I did many different things. The first thing I did was meet a lady named Jo Ellen Johnson. She is the director of volunteers and she trained me. One of the first events that I signed up for was a bake off. I spend my afternoon baking with three wonderful ladies. We made a jello salad together. Later that day I helped hand out the items that each floor made. I also spent time going for walks with some of the residents. The residents really enjoyed being outside. I enjoyed spending time with them and talking to them. I also helped the residents play bingo and make crafts. It was so cool to see the residents so happy.

    I learned so much from my experience. I learned what it was like to work with people who were older. It felt so good to give back to the community and to help those who needed it. Most importantly I learned to find joy in the little things. So many of the residents found joy in the little activities I helped with. I also learned to enjoy life because it goes faster than you think!

  • St. Cloud Hospital Gift Gallery - Paul Decker

    Over the past year, I volunteered at the St. Cloud Hospital Gift Gallery. I wasn’t really quite sure if I was going to like it there because it’s the place where people have surgeries, draw blood, and have all sorts of medical procedures. I was definitely wrong. When I walked into the gift gallery, I was shown kindness and acceptance that made me feel welcomed. I never would have expected that from a group of strangers. I was able to work the cash register and have friendly conversations with people who walked in. I don’t think I’ve meet any volunteers there who were not friendly. They all had a smile on their face and were ready to help anyone in need at the hospital. It has been such a wonderful opportunity. I work with a great group of people and have fun every time I volunteer there. 

    While I was volunteering at the hospital, I became a better person. Not as quick as a snap of a finger, but slowly and surely it changed my life. I learned that when you give kindness you receive kindness back. Welcoming others into the gift gallery and saying have a nice evening when they leave really makes someone’s day. I learned to ask questions more often and not be scared to ask what you’re wondering about.  I have gotten to know many other people by having a simple conversation with them. It is even better when they’re kind to you and you both want to learn about each other. There are also the small things that make you a better person like working hard and taking on responsibilities when you walk in to volunteer. I learned a lot when I volunteered at the St. Cloud Hospital Gift Gallery. 

    In the end, I believe this experience has helped me become the person I am today and also has given me hope to grow in the future as well. I learned how to be friendly to people who I had never met before. I learned to be truthful and trustworthy. These characteristics reflect who I am, prepared me for future jobs, and gave me a new comfort level in talking to others. Volunteering at the gift gallery taught me that’s not the only place to volunteer. It encourages me to get involved in the community and help others without getting anything in return. Overall, volunteering at the St. Cloud Hospital Gift Gallery has been an unforgettable experience thus far. To this day I still look forward to the times that I volunteer when I know I will make new friends, hear new stories, and make new memories. 

  • Parish Festival - Emily Walsh

    Out of all the service projects I have ever done my favorite is when I help with my Parish Festival every year. We would go to the park early in the morning, help set up some of the stands,  then go to church. We would always help with the pie and hot dog stand which is a busy stand to work at. Each person is given a certain amount of hours at the stand then you would change with different people. It was a time of fun and games with the community and is always a huge hit. I plan to do this service for many years to come because I love helping out with it.

    The first thing I would do when I got to my stand is help set up and figure out the jobs we needed to do. One year, in the morning, I helped out with the cakewalk first. The cakewalk is when you give paddles to people with numbers on them. Then you spin a spinner and whatever number it lands on is the winner. This stand is also a huge hit because people bring homemade pies and treats. After my shift, I went over to help my mom with the pie stand. It is always busy because we would sell pie, hot dogs, and coffee. We would be given a job, whether it be handling the money or serving the people. By the end of the day we would help clean up a little and maybe quickly get some food to eat. It was an overall great experience.

    There were many things I learned from doing this service project. First, is if you put time and effort into everything you do, good things come out to it. The amount of work needed to put this together was tremendous. People spent so much time in order for others to have a great time and to come back again next year. Secondly, I learned that sometimes when things in your life gets hectic, to not freak out and just find a path you could take instead. Whenever the stand would become very busy and crowded it was cause almost a panic. But the thing is, the time would pass and everything will be okay again. Over all this service project has brought to light a lot of knowledge to help me succeed in my life. I hope that continuing in it will help me more in the future.

  • Dominican Service Trip - Mackenzie Fritz

    In March of 2015, myself, 20 other students in my Global Issues class and 8 chaperones traveled to a small community in the Dominican Republic. The community was called Guerra. We helped out the community of Guerra in many different ways including building a house for a women who lost hers in a fire, brought packaged food and delivered it to houses, played with little children, traveled to multiple children’s ministries to help out and visited a typical school. We were in the Dominican Republic for 10 days total, including one of the days being Easter which was special because we were fortunate enough to be able to attend Mass at a local church. The Dominican Republic Service trip was taken to be able to experience what life is like in a third world country. I think that the biggest impact of service we did the Dominican was building the house for Juana. Juana had lost her house in a fire, and had been living in a small chicken coop with her family for the last several months. The look on Juana’s face as we built, and finished this house for her was priceless. She was unbelievable thankful for what we did for her.

    The Dominican Republic Service Trip had a large impact on my life in many ways. I was able to see life in a different perspective. The part I most enjoyed on the service trip was being able to see the joy on the little kids faces when we arrived to play with them. It was amazing to see how thankful and happy the people were even though they have so little. They were beyond thankful for the little gifts we brought them. I learned that we should be thankful for what we have. We often take things for granted, when in reality, we need to be thankful for everything we are given. This trip overall has humbled me and changed my perspective on life.

  • Special Friends - Katie Auger

    My service project was to go to the Special Friends program at the St. Cloud Children’s Home. It is a program where kids from Cathedral go to the home and talk with the kids there. We go there to talk to the underprivileged kids to help them get away from their normal lives for an hour a week. A group of about 30 kids go to the Children’s Home once a week on Wednesday for an hour. We do many different activities every week. Those include going to the gym, art activities, and doing board games.

    I liked it because the kids there have such good personalities and they make me laugh and have a good time. I also liked going to Special Friends because it opened my eyes and showed me that even though those kids don’t have the greatest lives, they are still really good kids and they have so much potential to have good lives.

  • Youth Basketball Camp - Max Plombon

    During the summer of 2015, I helped many young basketball players. They were between the ages of 8 and 14. This camp was at Cathedral High School in the North Gym put on by the Cathedral basketball program. I worked at this camp because I really enjoy being around children and I can communicate well with them. I taught these young basketball players how to dribble and play defense correctly. The young basketball players not only learned basketball skills quickly, but they also responded well to having a young adult role model.

    I enjoyed this experience. It helped me understand children and what makes them feel happy. I am more comfortable around young children now because I can be like an older brother that helps them. This was definitely a positive experience because I know that I have helped them and I hope I will be able to do more with young children. For example, this fall in campus ministry, we ran many retreats with children and I felt very comfortable and was able to make the kids open up and feel comfortable around me. I was able to be the cool senior friend to these underclassmen. Being a leader in this camp helped me gain more traits and qualities that I can incorporate into my life.

  • Special Friends - Camren Dehler

    I volunteer at special friends. This program is dealing with kids at the St. Cloud Children’s Home. Every single week, there are about 20 kids from Cathedral that do this. It lasts about an hour and a half and starts in October and ends in May. What we do with our friends vary every week. It may consist of just having a conversation and see where it takes us. It may also consist of playing a sport in the gym. Whatever we are doing with our friends, you can tell how much they appreciate us coming there. They are so happy to see us and that makes me feel like I am making a difference in somebody's life.

    I really enjoy doing special friends because there is no greater feeling than making someone’s day better. Everyone who does it really notices how much we are helping them. I also really like doing this because it makes me think and realize how blessed and thankful I am. All the kids at the Children’s Home have had rough lives and don’t have much of a family. I am truly blessed to be where I am at today.

  • Dominican Republic Mission Trip - Megan Voigt

    In March and April of 2015, I went on a life changing journey with 29 of the greatest people. There were 21 students and 8 chaperones. Together we traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to give our services to the Dominican people. We built a house, brought food to give, helped with the parish, played with children, and made an unforgettable Easter for kids at a school. The biggest outreach was with the house that we built and the community around it. We built it for a lady named Juana. She lost her house in an electrical fire and spent 6 months living in a chicken coop. We built this house from the ground up. She was eternally grateful. I think the biggest impact we had was on the community. The first day that we were at the worksite, we met a bunch of kids. There were immediate connections. They even skipped school to come see us. To summarize, we built a new house and built new relationships.

    There are not enough words to describe how much I loved this trip. I liked helping people and making an impact. My favorite part was playing with the kids at the worksite. From going to the Dominican Republic, I learned not to take anything for granted. Personally, I saw the struggles that people have to go through who aren’t as fortunate as most people that I know. It made me grateful for everything that I have. I truly believe I have developed as a person and don’t complain about the little things in life anymore.

  • Special Friends - Keely Bauerly

    I volunteer in a program called Special Friends at the Children’s Home. I started this program in early October, so I’ve only been going for a few weeks so far. The objective of this is to go every Wednesday and be a friend to someone. I can tell every time I go there it betters my friend’s day and my own. It’s a really opportunity to hear people's stories and their struggles and see them start to overcome their challenges. I was connected to this program through a religion class, a man Gabin sent us applications and before I knew it I was connected with the program. I’ve only been in it for a few weeks and I will participate in it for an hour every Wednesday until April. This program is fantastic because it gives you an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. This is one way I outreach to my community.

    Special friends is a way to learn about some of the struggles that people are having in our community and being able to do fun activities with them and being there for them. Special friends doesn’t really feel like you’re doing service work, it’s really just getting to know someone and forming a special friendship with them.

  • Tri-County Humane Society Volunteering - Sabina Milbauer

    I volunteer at the Tri-County Humane Society, a shelter for dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. When volunteering there I walk the wonderful dogs and help people find their forever friends. People from the community come in and socialize with the animals to get to know them in order to find out whether or not they are a good fit for each other. Being able to help those in the community find a companion is amazing especially because the animals may not have come into the shelter from the best home. Volunteering at the Humane Society is a great way for me to meet new people in the community that care about the animals and it is a great escape from all of life’s distractions.

    I have learned that companionship is a very important quality in life. I am so enlightened by the attitude that surrounds the shelter. I am learning more about customer service and looking more closely at the roles of both the human and the animal in a relationship. In addition, I have been able to practice my social skills in a real-life setting with respectable people. It’s an amazing experience helping the community through laughter and friendship.

  • Skating with Saint Cloud Youth Hockey - Amber Klein

    These last few years the girls hockey team has gone to St. Cloud Youth Hockey practices and learn to skate sessions to spend some time with the kids. We do this as a way to give back to the community that got us where we are today, playing high school hockey with all our friends. Our job while there is to make sure the children are having fun and to teach them what we know. Our goal is to try and get them to want to be there and fall in love with the game of hockey. We usually play tag with the kids, pass with them, sometimes the kids even challenge us to races and they always seem to find a way to win. Most of the time the kids just follow us around and play follow the leader.

    I love going to these practices, we try to go to as many as we can every year. It’s so cool to see the kids get so excited when they see us there. It really makes you feel good about what you’re doing. Sometimes it gets overwhelming when they’re all chasing you around but then I look up at all of their happy faces and all the smiling faces of my teammates and see that sometimes a little frustration is worth it for all the fun I get to have and for everything I’m blessed with. The best is when we come back to another practice and the kids remember us and call us by name or sometimes we’ll see them at our games and it’s cool to have a little fan club. But it’s not about getting fans, my favorite part is the fact that we get to put a smile on their faces and help them love the game I love a little more.

  • Church Lector - Randy Kloskin

    One or twice every month I lector at St. Joseph’s Church. St. Joseph’s is located in Waite Park and the acting priest is Fr. Mark Innocenti. I started lectoring to get service hours for Confirmation in 2013 and was asked to continue lectoring the next year as well.

    At first, lectoring was just to get service hours but after a few months, and after I had had my Confirmation, I started to enjoy it. My public speaking was being improved and I was much more comfortable speaking in front of my church and was even invited to be the lector for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. And, of course my Grandma was very proud. I also received a lot of praise from older participants in the church because I was the only lector under 60 years old and that motivated me to continue lectoring.

  • Vacation Bible School Leader - Anna Faerber

    One of my major volunteering projects was being a leader at Vacation Bible School this summer. We went to the church of St. Joseph in St. Joe Minnesota. I did it with my best friend and we were the leaders of 4-5 year olds. We would go around the parish and do different activities at different stations. There were four stations: music, story time (where we learned about God), science/art, and snack time/play time. This was an important thing to do because the kids really enjoyed it and I think they did learn more about God. We had a service project that week where we asked the kids to bring in fun stuff to give to kids at the hospital who were sick or had to be in there for awhile. The kids brought in a bunch of fun stuff like markers, crayons, coloring books, and toys and during one of our science/art times the kids put all the stuff into bags to give to the kids at the hospital. I think they had a lot of fun doing that and they liked the idea that they were giving to others.

    This was definitely my favorite service project that I did because I loved working with the kids. When I work with young kids I realize just how much they look up to us. We don’t really realize that until we have a chance to spend time with kids. This project also helped me realize that we have to be role models for younger kids. They want to be like us and if we do something we shouldn’t, they’ll probably do the same thing. I think the whole experience helped me grow and I learned just how influential we are on little kids.

  • 2015 Dominican Republic Trip - Trevor Cornelius

    In the spring of 2015, I traveled to the Dominican Republic with my Global Issues class. When I was there I helped build a house for a family in need, played with kids at an orphanage, and spent time in the community and schools. Working with the kids was one of my favorite parts. They were so grateful of us and we developed an attachment that will never go away. We worked through the Praying Pelican Missions. I felt like God was calling me to help and serve other children of God.

    I absolutely loved going on the service trip. It showed me that I don’t need everything in the world to be happy. As a group we learned that strings and cards can build great friendships with one another. If I had another chance to go on a mission trip, I would go in a heartbeat. I would recommended this to everyone because it is an eye-opening experience.

  • Volunteering at Birthline - Alexandra Leintz

    For my service project, I volunteered at Birthline here in St. Cloud. Birthline provides individualized care and support to anyone facing a crisis pregnancy. They serve to all women, men and families regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, income, and living situation. My job at Birthline was mainly in the store. The products and supplies are all donations from outside sources. I helped my clients shop for supplies and necessities for their baby and themselves. At the Birthline store the clients are required to attend classes such as counseling, financial planning, and dealing with taking care of themselves and the baby in order to earn points to shop at the Birthline store. I would normally work 2-3 days a week for a 4-5 hour shift during the summer. Each day brought along new clients and new situations which made volunteering here even more rewarding.

    I choose to volunteer at Birthline because I really believe in what this organization stands for because, every life matters in every situation that occurs. I felt that I was called to volunteer at Birthline because it is something different than your typical volunteering place. Each day you meet different people or experience things you would normally not experience in your everyday life. One of my favorite experiences while volunteering at Birthline was meeting a client one week and the next time they came into the store their baby had been born. It made me happy that in some small way I had a part in their decision to choose life. What I learned from these experiences volunteering here is that deep down inside everyone is the same. Their stories may be all different, but in the end, they come to one conclusion of doing the right thing and doing what's best for themselves and their baby.

  • Special Friends - Alec Ferris

    Every Wednesday night, I volunteer at the St. Cloud Children’s Home as part of the Special Friends program. This is my second year of volunteering, and I absolutely love it. As part of the program, the volunteers are paired up with a young kid currently living in the Children’s Home. We go into their cottages and play games with them. These kids sleep, eat, and play there, as well as go to school in the building. They don’t get a whole lot of interaction with the outside world while they are there, so they love to be able to have an hour to hang out with us. The volunteers walk in there with the purpose of trying to distract the kids from whatever family problems they are having, and just talk and hang out with them.

    I love this program because it allows me to interact with kids that I know need support. Every child living in the Children’s Home is going through a tough time with their family, and It is amazing to know that I am making a positive influence in their lives. This program allows me to make a positive contribution to my community. This program is making our community stronger by giving high school students the opportunity to help children that need care and support in their lives. I have learned the importance of caring for others that I have no connection to, and being there for people that need someone to help them through a tough time.

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