Special Friends - Noelle Young

For my service hours, I decided to take a part in Special Friends. Special Friends is an organization at the children’s home on every Wednesday. You go there and a child that is currently in the home gets picked by the supervisors to spend every Wednesday night with you. You sit down with them and talk about their week and their day. Sometimes they will say fine or good. Other times they say nothing. You are there as a friend, someone who they want to talk too. They look forward to seeing you every Wednesday and you look forward to seeing them. You get to do activities with them and just get to know them. 

Special Friends gave me a lot of life lessons that I will keep with me forever. It taught me how to respect people and not judge before knowing people's stories. Everyone has problems in their life and some people have harder struggles than others. Before you judge someone about where they are in their life, let them tell you their story. Also, respect everyone even if they don’t respect you. Sometimes when you try to talk to your special friend they are shy and they don’t want to talk back. In this situation, you just need to realize that maybe they are having a bad day and they just need some alone time. You can keep trying to talk to them or you could just sit with them to have them know that someone is there for them and ready to listen if they need to talk. 

It will help me in the future to look at life differently. To see people with different eyes and an open mind. It will help me by just knowing how to show people you are there even if you aren’t talking. Your special friend might not even like you but you just keep trying. You don’t give up on them. You keep trying to talk to them and trying to get them involved. 

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