The Cathedral Difference

Faith & Service

Cathedral welcomes families of all faiths. As a Catholic school, students have the opportunity to pray, receive the sacraments, and explore their faith through weekly Mass, daily prayer, and access to the chapel at any time. Additionally, service is highly encouraged and modeled throughout co-curricular clubs, activities, and all athletic teams. The services of both a full-time priest and campus minister help to foster spiritual growth for all students.


Our values of excellence, respect, safety, self-discipline, relationships, intellectual excitement, integrity, service, collaboration and diversity are visible. Cathedral offers a safe environment with calm lunchrooms, orderly hallways and organized classrooms. You will also find diversity in culture, enhanced by our strong international student program. 

Small Class Size

The average class size is 23, with a faculty to student ratio of 1:14. CHS regularly caps class sizes to 25 students. This allows for one-on-one interactions throughout the class period and more individualized learning. All teachers know all students - we work hard to ensure that all students succeed. 

Community Involvement

CHS students have a strong presence in our local community, from parish connections to participation in art shows and competitions to volunteering their time and talents in a variety of ways. Service is highly encouraged throughout all grades, and a minimum of 70 hours is required by juniors and seniors in order to graduate. Local experiences include neighborhood spring clean-up, time spent with younger students at area elementary schools, serving elderly persons and youth at various community centers, organizing Catholic Charities food drives, and much more. Service is a strong part of the Catholic tradition, and our students are eager to give.

Global Involvement & Opportunities

In addition to the world languages offered (Spanish, German, Chinese, American SignLanguage), CHS offers many opportunities for experiences beyond the borders of theUnited States. Service trips are offered to Tanzania and Guatemala. Other global experience trips travel to Germany, Spain, China and Rome. These opportunities help our students appreciate the larger community we are all a part of - that of the human race. 

21st Century Skills

Education is always evolving. We are proud to keep up with 21st century skills, which focus on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility, global and cultural awareness, leadership, communication skills, adaptability, and social responsibilities and ethics. Because technology is integrated into most curriculum, students are provided with a MacBook Air laptop. This also allows us to maintain instruction on days school is closed due to weather. 

Dedicated Teachers

Our faculty include 55 professional staff members, 100% who hold bachelor degrees and 64% who hold masters or other graduate degrees. Years of experience at Cathedral range all the way to 50 years. This longevity at a private school that does not offer tenure shows dedication, commitment and love of our community. 

Individualized Learning

CHS students are held to high yet realistic expectations. Teachers work hard to help students realize their full potential, keeping curriculum and expectations differentiated for each individual student. Teachers are accustomed to using specialized learning plans with their students, and with the assistance of a full-time Accommodations Coordinator, students have access to a study skills room for both daily work and testing. Our mission is to identify and nurture each students's God-given talents, strengths and passions, while introducing new concepts that prepare them for success.

Student Leadership

Our students want to make a difference in the world, and the development of leadership skills is important in achieving their goals. CHS students have close to a dozen leadership opportunities available to them, including Student Senate, Campus Ministry, Student Ambassadors, and National Honor Society.

Co-Curricular Activities

CHS has a 95% student involvement rate in co-curricular activities and athletics. This statistic speaks volumes for the culture of CHS. These activities are available starting in middle school - including sports, theatre, knowledge bowl, speech, art club, music and many more. CHS has repeatedly shown high success in both athletics and the arts. 

Family Involvement

Strong family support is seen throughout our entire CHS community, within both the academics and co-curricular activities. All families are invited and encouraged to support all students’ accomplishments, art shows, concerts, sporting events and more. As one big family, we celebrate each other!

Legacy & Traditions

Having been in the same location in downtown St. Cloud since 1884, CHS has a history of tradition, legacy and generations of support.  We have graduated over 16,000 young men and women in the community and world.  We have many multi-generation families in the Cathedral Community, and 1/3 of our coaching staff and 1/4 of our faculty are Cathedral alumni. We have a strong and vibrant Alumni Association Committee that exists to facilitate alumni socials and an annual Homecoming tailgating party to help renew, sustain and strengthen friendships formed while attending Cathedral High School.

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