Underground Discoveries

Construction is abound(!) - although not without a few challenges.  Over the past ten days we have experienced 10.8 inches of rain on the site!  We are grateful to ATS&R Architects and McGough Construction for helping us navigate this incredible project.

 J.R. Ferche Excavating has donated their services and have started the excavation process.  They have encountered the following:

  • Portions of the foundation of the former North building.
  • Non-hazardous soil in the construction zone that was not suitable to build on.
  • Debris such as old dishes, an old cistern, bottles, and brick in the soil.
  • Ash remains of the Holy Angels Church that burnt in 1933.
  • An excess of 1120 tons of unsuitable soils have been removed.
  • The footings from a former cement archway were dug up and removed from the site. They are extraordinarily large and apparently supported an archway that was on the east side of the building.

In addition, we are grateful for Landwehr Construction for donating the removal of a fuel reservoir tank that was formerly used to heat our campus.  Their work saved the project close to $50,000.

The noisy work will begin today and into the next few weeks.  We will keep you updated.

Have a great day!

Paula Foley, Principal

Historical Image of Holy Angels Church coming down following the 1933 fire, which we are finding ash from in our diggings: