Meet the Team!

Director of Advancement
 Chris Schellinger

Development Associate / Alumni Relations
  Abby Schneider

Company Matching Gifts

A matching gift by your company or organization increases your generosity to Cathedral by adding the matching amount to your gift at no additional expense to you. It is easy to make a matching gift: simply contact your Human Resources Department and ask about your company’s matching employee donations policy. Follow the procedure they recommend.

Gifts of Securities/Common Stock

You can benefit in two ways by making a gift of appreciated securities/common stock to Cathedral High School. First, you will be able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the shares; and second, you will be able to avoid the capital gains tax that would have been due if you sold the shares.

When making a gift of securities, it is important that you arrange for a transfer of your securities to Cathedral High School and not sell them yourself.

Please contact: Abby Schneider, Advancement Associate at 320-529-4603 or Email to help facilitate the transfer.

A Gift of Real Estate

Real estate held more than 12 months can be contributed to Cathedral High School, entitling the donor to an income tax deduction based on the current, appraised value. In addition, the donor also avoids a potential capital gains tax on the property.

All gifts of Real Property must be accompanied by (i) an independent qualified appraisal; (ii) evidence of marketable title; and (iii) a Phase 1 environmental assessment. It is advisable to consult with your attorney and accountants prior to making a gift of this type.

Planned Giving

There are many methods that can be used to make a Planned Gift including wills, annuities and charitable remainder trusts. We highly recommend that you consult your estate planner or attorney for the method that allows you to maximize your benefits.

Cathedral High School can help with this process by providing advisors that are experts in this area. For more information, please contact Abby Schneider, Advancement Associate at 320-529-4603 or Email.