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The Campaign for Cathedral

Goal: $18 Million, $16.5M Building, $1.5M CCS


Meet the Team!

Director of the Campaign for Cathedral
 Marit (Hartjes) Ortega '97

Director of Advancement
 Chris Schellinger

Why Build?

Our facilities should reflect the values and philosophies of the Cathedral community, and inspire the wonders happening inside them.

"There's an almost magical experience that happens within the walls of Cathedral."  ~ Emily Coborn '04

Walk the halls of Cathedral High School during the school year. You will see a deep sense of community in which loving relationships between students and staff are born out of our Catholic faith. Successes are celebrated, sorrows and joys are felt deeply, and hopes are supported by one another. 

This sense of community is deepened by the incredibly meaningful opportunities in the broader community that allow our students to experience the world from a first hand vantage point; life-changing opportunities such as local and global social justice experiences (volunteering at Catholic Charities, St. Cloud Hospital, Place of Hope, Quiet Oaks Hospice, long-term care facilities, raking leaves or shoveling for elderly neighbors, church ministries, service trips to Guatemala and Tanzania, etc...), course-related field trips, month-long canoe trips in the Canadian wilderness, and travel-learning experiences to Germany, Spain, Italy, and several U.S. cities.

Teachers are focused on providing a rigorous 21st century learning experience that develops the skills necessary to be leaders in society, citizenship, and in the 21st century workplace. Through collaboration and problem solving, teachers develop innovative instructional methods, technology, simulations, and materials that allow students to practice these skills within the rigorous content.

The education received at Cathedral High School is exceptional, but our faculty have to work hard to create this experience in facilities that lack 21st century learning spaces, flexibility and equipment necessary to innovate, create and collaborate.

The newest facility on the Cathedral campus is 50 years old, and it is a gym.  The newest academic facility is now over 60 years old.  Styles for teaching and learning have changed, and our facilities are holding us back.

Some of the programs with the most room for facility improvements include science, engineering and visual arts. As a Catholic school, it is also notable that the only dedicated prayer space is a small chapel that is unable to comfortably accommodate a single classroom. Cathedral should be a leader in education with facilities that enhance the programs being offered, preparing students for the world in a Catholic environment. Our students are excelling despite our current facilities. Just think of what they could do in facilities that promote success!

The Campaign for Cathedral is a necessary next step in providing flexible spaces that support 21st century teaching and learning.

The new building will address all of the facility limitations currently felt with science, engineering and visual arts. It will also include a chapel, a community room facing the Mississippi River, and collaboration spaces on both the first and second floors. It's design encourages hands on learning, creativity and critical thinking among our students and faculty, which will position our students for even greater success in college and/or future careers. 

In building, we are giving our students the opportunity to further develop key skills that position them to make an impact on their local and global communities.

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What Faculty & Students Are Looking Forward To:


  • The new building will incorporate the latest in technology.
  • Our entire campus will be ADA Accessible with the addition of two elevators connecting the center building and North gym to the new building.

Community Room:

  • Classrooms can meet here for a change of scenery / more space for group projects.
  • Students can collaborate on projects or study independently here.
  • It can accommodate small events, socials, alumni reunion gatherings, etc…
  • It will be opened up for all North gym activities and will contain a new concessions area.


  • All five high school classrooms will all be located on the 2nd floor of the new building, allowing for collaboration within the department.  Currently, our high school science classrooms are in two separate buildings, making collaboration difficult.  Also, many of our science faculty have taught different classes at some point in their careers, and could offer assistance to each other if they were in close proximity.  Right now, there is the feeling that they are teaching in isolation.
  • Classrooms will have their own lab space inside the classrooms.  Sciences currently share one lab space (a renovated home economics room), and faculty have to reserve the space ahead of time and work their curriculum around the lab availability instead of doing labs when they fitting and appropriate within each unit.  It is very rare that faculty can set up a lab ahead of time, and even more rare that they don't have to take it down immediately following each class. This cuts into class time and is inefficient.  Also, since labs can not remain set up, any student that was absent during a lab completely loses out on the opportunity to do that lab.
  • Larger updated labs will provide enough space for people to use them well. We’ve been using the same lab set up for 80+ years, and it's not very spacious.
  • Faculty will be able to share physical resources more easily. Currently, our chemistry class has gas, but biology does not. Biology has a centrifuge, but chemistry does not. We are also bringing model kits back and forth constantly from one building to another.  What this means, for those of you who have not toured our facilities, is that faculty must walk down two flights of stairs, through a tunnel, and then up three flights of stairs to get from the Center building to the South building to share resources.  It's certainly one way to get your steps in, but it will be SO NICE when they can just walk next door if they need to borrow something.
  • We will have a more appropriate and accessible chemical storage closet.
  • We will have state-of-the-art ventilation.
  • We will have more defined and useable spaces for individual, small, and large group work AND the ability to have all these groupings happening at the same time!
  • We will have a dividing wall between two of the classrooms that can open up so that we have the ability to have collaboration between classes, bring in speakers for larger groups, have more flexibility with classroom space use, etc…

*NOTE ON MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE: Just to clarify--only the high school science department will be in the new building, not the middle school sciences. With classrooms moving and opening up, though, the middle school teachers will hopefully be able to all be in one building. Not only will this benefit high school students, but middle schoolers as well. Having the middle schoolers in an environment that is geared towards them and is more easily accessible for students/teachers to collaborate will be great for creating and encouraging a "middle school" feel. 


  • It will be almost three times our existing space. Seeing our current room speaks for itself! We are doing A LOT in a very small space, and it would be nice to be able to spread out a little.
  • This program is becoming increasingly popular, and we will have room for growth.

Visual Arts:

  • Our two art classrooms will be next to each other, which will allow for collaboration and more creative applications using combined techniques.
  • We will have designated storage space instead of shelving units stuck in the middle of the classroom wherever they will fit.
  • We will have lots of natural light for inspiration!
  • We will have an outdoor patio outside for artists to utilize.
  • We will have state-of-the-art ventilation instead of fans in windows.
  • We will have floor trenches for easy clean up.


  • The chapel will be the very first thing people see upon entering the school; a statement to all who enter that Christ is at the center of our lives and that we embrace our Catholic faith.
  • It will be much bigger, with the capacity to fit an entire classroom comfortably.