Teacher Wish List

  • Ice Maker for the Staff Lounge
  • Wooden rocker for classroom
  • Spanish Scholastic Magazine
  • Scholastic Magazine for Reading Fundamentals
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Goggle Storage Center

  • Class Set of VR headsets 

IT Department Wish List

In-Kind Donation Opportunities

Miscellaneous Computer Equipment

  • Fully functional Mac Mini computers. Units should be the mid-2012 model or newer.

  • Broken MacBook Air computers, which will be broken down for their parts to repair any of Cathedral’s MacBooks that break. Units should be the mid-2012 through mid-2017 models.

  • Apple-brand “USB SuperDrives”


  • Vertical file organizer

  • Foldable step stool

General Supplies

  • Rolls of transparent tape to refill tape dispensers

  • Reams of paper, standard US Letter size (8.5”x11”)

  • Printer toner models: HP 80X, HP 81X, HP 10A

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Facial tissues

  • Paper towels

Financial Donation Opportunities

Laptops for Learners

  • Cash to support the “Laptops for Learners” program that started with a pilot program in 2012, the first such program in Central Minnesota. The program was fully implemented in 2014. In 2018, it became necessary to replace a third of Cathedral’s MacBooks that were physically breaking down, for which replacement parts were no longer available, and that were incompatible with modern software.

  • Continuing expenses:

    • Hardware: Payments for 2018 purchases will continue through 2020. 

    • Hardware: Eventually replace more of the MacBooks.

    • Management: Software and support costs $16 per unit per year.

    • Repairs: After each machine’s 4-year insurance policy expires, Cathedral incurs expenses for all repairs.

Wireless Network

  • Cathedral’s network operates on WiFi 4, a 2009 vintage technology. The maximum speed under ideal conditions is 600 Mbits/sec. The faster WiFi 5 became available in 2013, though Cathedral did not upgrade. The new WiFi 6 should be on the market in 2019. WiFi 6 offers significant efficiency and speed improvements. Though formal pricing has not been defined, the upgrade is likely to cost $44,400 (or $27,200 if qualifying for a grant).

  • Cathedral’s network has WiFi coverage neither on outdoor green spaces used by classes nor on outdoor spaces used by athletics, such as Rau Field. Plans have been formulated to serve these spaces. Most hardware is included in the above WiFi upgrade, but installation of additional fiber optics would also be essential.


  • Cathedral’s network could benefit from a new dedicated firewall. Formal bidding has been completed. Thanks to a grant, the desired firewall can be acquired and installed at a Cathedral expense of only $6,229.

Video Surveillance System

  • Cathedral replaced most old video surveillance cameras in 2018, plus added cameras in several new locations. However, plans suggest cameras in a few additional locations.

  • Factoring in various costs, each camera location typically costs $1,000. However, most of the remaining cameras are more expensive locations, such as Rau Field.

Projection System for Weekly Mass

  • Plans were formulated a few years ago for a projection system to be used with weekly Mass in the North Gym. The project is estimated to cost $10,000.

Construction: Window between IT rooms

  • In 2015, two windows were installed with the IT offices to improve visibility and lighting.

  • A third window is desired, this time between rooms c012 and c013A. It is feasible, probably involving no electrical or plumbing work. A contractor toured in June 2018, then provided an estimate to Cathedral’s Facilities Department.

Labor Sponsorship

  • Cathedral has two part-time IT Specialists. The IT Director desires to make one or both of these positions full-time.

Fundraising & Volunteer Opportunities

Toner Recycling

  • Empty ink cartridges

  • Empty toner cartridges

  • A volunteer to coordinate this fundraiser, which primarily consists of shipping the donated items.


  • Abandoned cabling from the school’s old video distribution and video surveillance system remains in a few areas. Human labor combined with specialty ladders could remove it. Some locations:

    • Main stairwell of the Center Building.

    • South end of the south building tunnel.

    • North gym tunnel.

    • Various cables going from c024 to c024A, c112, etc.

    • Abandoned phone bundles within c112.

    • Possible removal location: Hall from orchestra room to Holy Angels.